100% Internet Availability

With electrical blackout, we can assure that you customers will not witness any sort of daily disconnect at midnight especially for daily quota users.

Auto Fallback quota management

PROradius provides you with the Daily and Monthly auto fallback to better manage your bandwidth saving you money and time.

Auto recharge for members

PROradius is the first to introduce the auto recharge member option enabling you to fully automate your membership management.

Daily Time quota Start (FUP)

Our time quota feature will allow you to specify the time in which the daily auto fallback starts enabling you to fully control your bandwidth and keeping your customers satisfied.

Group customers per switches

Proradius enables you to group your users by switches, allowing each manager to debug his switches and make sure all are up.

Quota Charts

Proradius allows the isp to see a daily and monthly graph of each user


Unlimited number of subresellers

PROradius also provide you with unlimited number of subresellers at any given time along with immediate commission calculation.

Free Time

You can create free time per service rules specifying the download and upload ratio of the free time during a specific time frame of your choice

More freatures and more features for better management

Dont panic about your data.

We provide a module to import your data from any other system with all your subscribers,expiry date,profiles, and managers, no need to worry about anything!

Daily backup

Automatic backup of the database daily, so that if at anytime the server broke up, you can directly import a database without contacting us.

Reset FUP

Reset FUP allow a reseller to reset the daily quota of subscribers with a fees he will pay assigned by the administrator. This feature is available as a permission for each reseller.

Automatic Update

Proradius provides a feature to automatically update your system version without interfering with us! so you will always be up to date with our latest version.

One click installation of Proradius

Download Our latest ISO image and start using Proradius with one click. After installing you need to generate a trial license (100 subscribers for 1 year). You can upgrade your license at any time.

Please contact us to provide you with download link.


Proradius Pricing

  • Level 0
  • Free
  • 100 Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download
  • Level 1
  • $250 / year
  • 500 Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download
  • Level 2
  • $500 / year
  • 2000 Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download

  • Level 3
  • $750 / year
  • 5000 Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download
  • Level 4
  • $1000 / year
  • 10000 Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download
  • Level 5
  • $1500 / year
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • License without support
  • Download

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